Saturday, April 17, 2010

Face painting!

Probably my son's first foray into to face painting should have been so dramatic. today he got his whole face painted alay his favorite superhero ; - ) spiderman. It was awesome but admittedly a bit much for the first time. We already knew that it was going to be major even g by discussing that he would have to wash his face before going to bed. Step back!!! Well on the way home he fell asleep (long drive) and just as we pulled up BIG wake up smear. So sad! He saw the paint on his hands and just lost it. So sad! He didn't want to have anything to do with anyone. I tried to tell him it wasn't bed then he proceeds to smear the paint more further upsetting himself. Okay, let's wash your hands oh no! more melt down he loses it!
I am trying to be empathetic but he is becoming loud and annoying. (Yes, I said it). Okay mama breath. This is pretty crushing! I totally empathize that he is pretty heartbroken.
I get a basin of warm water and join him outside (where I had pplaced him when the volume became too much). Slowly I approach and he let's me get closer. I begin to wipe and the makeup easily comes off. I feel his disappointment. He wanted to wear this all day. After 15 minutes he recovers. So glad DH took pictures!
Note to self: Next time when he go to a festival we will get his face painted sooner than later so he has longer to enjoy it. This time we waited so long by the time he was done it was time to go not much time to run around and be wild in his spidey look!!! (So much to learn).

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