Saturday, February 27, 2010

Creative play feeds to the soul of young and oldBu

Built an airport with DS today and created lifts, pulleys, tunnels and numerous other things from cardboard tubes, wooden blocks, old baby food containers, yarn and miscellaneous other materials. It was quite fun and so great to not have to spend time redirecting or getting on DS for doing something inappropriate or hurtful. He was in a state of bliss which of course made me blissful as well. I wish we could spend all our days in creative process. I know he craves this especially the scientific exploration that has been consuming him lately. He later found a cardboard box and wanted to make it into all sorts of things unfortunately we didn't have time to get into it but hopefully we'll have a project their tomorrow.
In the evening we went out as a family to see this African drumming and singing ensemble. Oh my, the dancing that came out of DS's body. It was inspiring. The freedom, the abandon, the joy of movement and expression. It will definitely be something we do again. I have to remember to include the arts daily in his life. I think I do a pretty good job but I'd like to get more conscience about it.

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