Sunday, February 21, 2010

Searching for that perfect service time

I want to go to church. I like community. I need community. I want to feel connected with other people. I do think that is part of what life is all about. Connecting with other people. I want my children to feel a sense of community. There are so many opportunities of course there is family, school and then perhaps church. It was GREAT to get us all off to church this morning. The service time seemed to work perfectly for the whole family. Sadly, the service is so geared toward adults and there is no music. It's the music that makes the adult service more palatable for the children so even though the time frame was perfect and the day felt so full there was something missing. It's this SOMETHING that makes me do self-examination and begs me to ask the question WHY do I go to church at all. Oh yeah community.

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