Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ugh...could you stop whining please

Okay, I'll admit, there have been worse days but I wasn't blogging then. Today DS was so unnecessarily (not so according to my training) whiny. After a while I just threatened him with removal from the environment if he didn't stop. Actually I said, "I will leave you in the car so that we can have some peace and quiet for five minutes or you can stop NOW. Thank God he chose to stop. I really didn't want to have to follow through on that. Was that so bad of a threat? I mean really should we be subjected to ear screeching whining that he does when he just wants you to look at him (even though you can't cuz you're driving). I mean really folks I have to stand my ground sometimes or he'll just go on and on. Won't he. Ugh I get so confused somtimes about how to be a good parent.

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