Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting back into Routine

Out of town for three days on the road more than actually in the place where we traveled. Was it worth it? I think so. The children seem okay. I'm having trouble getting back into routine. I did have to deal a little with the consequences of travel. My DS is addicted to the toys that come with a Happy Meal from McDonalds but I guess the upside is that he does not seem to be addicted to the food (yay!!!!). Also DS was exposed to way more television than I care to think about. It's sad really how the television stay on in the homes of so many of my relatives. Can someone please read a book or play a board game? I decided not to fight it as long as the programming wasn't violent or too outrageous but wow, there is a lot of violent and outrageous CRAP on television. I'm glad I am able to tell DS once we're home that NO we will not be going to McDonald's everyday that was SPECIAL and so far he has not asked that the television be turned on. I guess he gets that we don't do that here except for when DH wants to watch football :(.

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