Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The brain - multitasking

So I've been forgetting to post. I've been writing post in my head periodically during the day and by the time it's evening and I actually have time to get on the computer and write my brain is barely functioning. I have to do a serious mental check-in to remember what I want/was going to do. If I don't write it down i'm usually not going to remember it.
Today I wanted to talk about multitasking. IT IS MY LIFE and I'm mostly good at it. Take tonight as a classic example. It's DS's bathtime: He loves to have some time to play independently before I help with washing so, I set the timer and tonight's multitasking goal: clean the bathroom. (This way I'm none to far away and while he has a blast playing I sweep the floors, behind the toilet and the door, wipe the mirrors, clean the toilet, and mop the floors). I give DS 5 minutes free time before I help with washing and 5 minutes free play after I'm done with washing. If your bathroom is fairly small (as mine is (70's home)) and fairly well kept than 10 minutes is enough to do a good job. THEN, when DS gets out his task is to pick out his underwear, put them on and follow this up with putting on his PJ's. This gives me time to clean out the bathtub and tile (I'm not a fan of ring around the tub. I really like to stay on top of stuff like that). My parents (who are slightly anal (yet loving) neat freaks) taught me well.
I plan to share more multitasking opportunities as they come to light.

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