Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Less is not always more

Today we had 5 children in community with 2 guides and at moments it was mooooovinnnng kind of sloooooooooooooow. Some people might think this to be a dreamy number but truthfully in the dynamics of our classroom environment and our age group less is not more. I don't aim for an overly full classroom but rather one that bustles with activity and children able to observe each other in action and interact as the opportunity arises. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the slowness of today. I needed it in light of my lack of feeling prepared to start this week but too many of these days and the work could get pretty dare I say borrrring. I am very excited about the new floorplan layout and how the children are receiving it. I like the set aside area for dd she really seems to enjoy being in the mix.
Enjoyed a lovely afternoon of indoor activity with ds. He loved the new materials checked out from the toy library. He's not quite ready for the cash register but has been wanting one since he spent time at a friends house. I'm glad I am able to let him try it out. He REALLY loves the baby with all the feeding tools and high chair. It's great to witness him practicing his caregiving skills.
Ds' BIG thing these days is music. Movement oriented music. If the words give direction on how to move that's even better. I am glad he likes this kind of music. It is fun and also gives my brain a rest. Oh boy does he love to dance.
(My dd has been crying for about 45 minutes and it's wearing me out but it's almost 2 a.m. and I've really got to put an end to these night wakings. Still questioning whether or not this makes me a bad mama. I never let ds cry when he was a baby (well as little as possible and personally it seems to have gotten me know where so I am trying this out and it's SOOOOO HARD).

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