Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oops missed another day, rats!

I've been so exhausted lately that I can't keep a clear thought in my mind. I thought I blogged yesterday but alas no.
Well, my mama thoughts today center around oh what should I choose there is so much going on right now: DD trying to pull-up on everything in sight, making her a walking bar to aid these, realizing I need to get on the ball with teaching her how to drink from a glass, need to get her push wagons ready so she can start walking with them (DS use to love that) and more frequently figuring out how to feed her less store bought baby food and more family based meals. We will all be eating healthier for sure.
On the DS front I am disappointed conferences were cancelled. I am so eager to find out how DS is adjusting based on his guides opinion. Sometimes he doesn't seem bonded to the community and that can be a good thing if I decide yet again to pull him out but, it would only be for a very good reason. Speaking of DS, could he just whine a little more and a little louder. Is this being 3? I've hard it can be hard if not harder than two so far it is proving to be true although I've rarely known an easy-going day with Akello. I've really got to let him know almost all the time that I see him and my goodness arranging playdates is almost a must.
We three are heading out of town tomorrow. Not sure I'll be able to blog so, guess we'll see. I'll bring the laptop for sure.

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