Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So much going on

DD on the move. Trying to make her way through this young life. She's really challenging herself to see what she is capable of and she is getting stronger everyday. Her eating wow! She's good such a good appetite. I am working hard to keep it healthy and balanced. So wish she had a weaning chair and table. It's those expenses of raising a Montessori Child that challenge me. I have to compromise based on my income bracket and unfortunately DH nor I have time to make one.
DS what isn't he into. I am so over his materialism. Is that what you call it? He wants EVERYTHING. Drives me nut. "For my birthday, can I have...." His list just gets longer and longer but basically he wants everything. How did that happen. Do we deny him too much? Not sure what to do about it but dare I ask his teacher she rarely responds to my emails. That really bugs me. God I hope she's a good fit for DS. He doesn't seem attached to the school at all. Pretty bummed about that.

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