Sunday, March 14, 2010


The art of having both your children asleep at the same time is truly an artform or a miracle. Yesterday I was lucky enough for DD's second nap and DS's only nap of the day to coincide mind you it was a little late for the both of them and I had to deal with the overtired tantrum fall out but eventually and within minutes of each other they were both asleep. These moments are golden. I wanted to take a victory lap around the house.
Today, I was thankful to have DF step in and take DD while I went to work on DS who was showing a little resistance for his much needed napping. Unfortunately but fortunately I fell asleep in the process. But, I think my falling asleep created the opportunity for DD to fall asleep in the arms of DF, not sure yet how the whole thing came about bc DF is asleep but I am so greatful for the moment.
Aaaahhh, me-thinks I hear the baby calling now....

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