Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working mom strikes back

Okay, today was hard. It has been such a challenging doing my little at home casita. For one, I feel like I work ALL THE TIME! Laundry every night, constantly cleaning and straightening up, planning and preparation seems never ending. So taking on the school today, pretty much by myself although thankgod grandma came to be with DD was mind and body blowing. I continually recited the Serenity prayer while working and I keep thinking/daydreaming about all the other jobs I could have besides this one that has me currently feeling like I'm in HELL! One of my students seemed to cry non-stop, someone broke a borrowed material, there was pee on the flower. I guess I should consider myself lucky that there was no poop, blood, vomit or anything else.
Finally after the school morning was over and the cleaning was done I picked up DS and took him to pick up a good friend for a playdate. Ay Caramba the wills of those two boys. They do challenge each other.

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